Printer Repair and Printers for Sale Minneapolis, MN:

We offer small and large, new and used black & white, color, and multifunction print, scan, fax, (MFP`s) printers for sale or lease. We sell and repair HP®, Lexmark®, Dell® laser printers and others. In addition, we carry toner and ink cartridges for laser printers as well.

WE have been working on printers since one of the first HP laser printers came out. With 35 years of printer repair experience we completely understand the theory of operations. In addition, there has not been much we have not seen already. This will save us both time and money. We also offer Copier Sales as well.

Printer Maintenance Agreements:

We also offer maintenance agreements to cover repair and supply cost. Contact us for details and pricing. They do vary depending on your specific needs. But to be honest, unless you have high volume usage, most laser printers really do not need a lot of service, and paying as you go may be a better option. If you give us just a few details we would have a very good idea of what would work best for your needs.

Used Printers for Sale In The Twin Cities:

Just like our used copiers, our used laser printers that we sell are thoroughly rebuilt as well. They are stripped down, cleaned and parts that are showing signs of wear are replaced with new parts, and then the printer is thoroughly tested. Not just cleaned and tested. Take a look at our Copier Repair page for a good example of how we rebuild all of our machines.

Common Problems That You Could fix Yourselves:

Most print quality problems on black a& white printers like; dark lines, void lines, poor quality and week prints on laser printers can be easily fix by replacing your machines toner (ink) cartridge. If your problem still persists it may time for a service call?

On color printers, there are 4 toners (ink) cartridges, and some have four separate drums as well. So, if you see lines or poor quality prints, look at the print and see if the problem has a certain color to it? If it does, look at that one color cartridge and/or drum as the culprit.

Be sure to contact us if you are not sure what to do. We have helped a lot of customers over the phone and they did not need a service call at all. If you do need service, because of our experience, we will more than likely know what is wrong and give you more information before we hang up the phone.