Why Rent Your Copier and General Office Equipment?

  • With our worry free rental programs “one price” covers everything except paper!*
  • All service calls are included
  • All parts are included
  • All labor charges are included!
  • All ink (toner) is included!
  • Delivery is even included if you are in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN area!
  • You are never locked in, you can cancel anytime!

Our Commercial Copier Rental Special!

Copiers – Renting vs. Leasing:

Unlike leasing, with our rental programs there are no credit checks, finance charges, personal guarantees, and you are not “locked in” for multiple years.

Another advantage is you can upgrade or down grade anytime. Let`s say you have a black and white commercial copier/printer from us and you want to upgrade to a color copy machine instead, no problem with our rental program, just give us a call.

There are multiple advantages when it comes to service as well. With everything covered, if you have a problem you do not have to worry about how much this is going to cost. Also, we do not have to spend time putting a quote together for you and tell you it is going to cost you X amount to get it fixed, we can just concentrate on the problem at hand and do what we have to do.

In addition, if things were really bad we could replace any part of the machine that was needed, even the whole thing, if need be. Sad to say, you cannot do this with leasing, or if you purchased your office machines.

There are times when purchasing a machine is a better option. Once you do contact us and explain your specific needs, we will know what the best path for you to take, and explain these options that best suits your needs and budget.

For more information on the type of office copy machines and printers we sell, go to Copier Sales.

*Some restrictions do apply.